Ratasha Iribarren
Irina Sigler
    As a fitness instructor at FIU, my students always asked how I became fit. My answer was figure skating. They looked surprised. I mean, who figure skates in Florida right? What most people don’t realize is a large part of figure skating training involves plyometrics, dance, ballet, conditioning, and core work before we even set foot on the ice. By combining all of these training styles into one workout, I realized that others could feel the same exhilarating combination of athleticism and artistry that I felt as a figure skater. After eight years of competitive skating and four years of professional skating for the Florida Panthers Ice Skating team, I also realized that most people don’t have that much time to devote to looking like a figure skater.  And that’s what led me to co-create Figure Skulpt.When I graduated from FIU with a Bachelor of Science in Communication, I visited my best friend and fellow figure skater Irina, who is still competitively skating. We talked about the demanding training schedules that figure skaters have to maintain. I shared with her my idea of a figure-skating inspired workout. Many Skype sessions later, we launched Figure Skulpt.    
    After over 15 years of competing as a figure skater in local, regional, and sectional events, I have been branching out and exploring new worlds. I have a Bachelor of Science and am pursuing a degree in medicine. Co-creating this program was a way of combining my passions of learning about the human body, figure skating, and working out. I hope to have others experience all the amazing things I learned through figure skating and the world of athletics!    
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